Supported Training Programme

Everyone has a right to learn.
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Our Supported Training Programmes are taught in a safe and inclusive environment. They provide students with knowledge and skills for greater independence, further community participation, and entry into employment.

Learners can enjoy the flexibility to focus on their interests and goals as we remove barriers to learning. Each of the training schemes are held one day a week from 9 am to 3 pm.

Programme aims:

  • To improve independence and decision making
  • To increase adaptability to changing employment and residential situations
  • To develop realistic perceptions of skills, interests and abilities on which to base future goals
  • To improve literacy, numeracy and communication that can be used in a variety of work and community situations
  • To increase awareness of realistic work options and ways to access support into new work situations
  • To participate successfully in a variety of work, social and community settings.

The Supported Training Programme is inclusive and based on the philosophy that anyone has a right to learn and to reach their potential by progressing their knowledge, skills and abilities.

All training schemes run subject to approval and subject to sufficient enrolments.

If you are interested in enrolling, please contact our friendly tutors.

Ron Main (Nelson) | 03 539 5913 |

Andrew De Smit (Nelson) | 03 539 5496

Mini Foley (Marlborough) |

Students have the following choice of study options for 2024.

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