The past and the future of CGI in NZ

The past and the future of CGI in NZ

How far we have come.

Video source: John Sheils on Vimeo(external link), 1987 Plan Bee

NZ has been doing CGI right from the start. Our most prolific and pioneering CGI artist is John Sheils. He started in 1986 and still works in the industry. He worked on Hercules, LOTR and Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe.

This video(external link) demonstrates how he created a moment of Kiwiana history.

“That's the thing that's been the biggest inspiration to me working in this industry so far; trying to do things that the software isn't capable of. Especially these days, when the software's capable of everything.” - John Sheils, in an April 2005 interview with Onfilm.

Find out how you can part of the future at NMIT.

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