"It’s such a head start”

"It’s such a head start”

Graduates of the Study and Career Prep programme enter their degree journey with more confidence in their skills and ta familiarity with the study process at NMIT.
Study and Career Prep Kharissa and Tiana
From left: Kharissa Lunjevich and Tiana Davis, who are both now working towards a degree in Social Work.

“It’s such a head start,” says Tiana Davis, who is now in her first year of the Bachelor of Social Work(external link), alongside fellow Study and Career Prep graduate, Kharissa Lunjevich. 

Tiana knew she wanted to study but didn’t know exactly what. She entered Study and Career Prep believing she would become a counsellor but made the change to social work after learning more about each career. 

Kharissa is an adult learner and, having left school at 13, was advised by Kaimanaaki (Māori support guides) to look into the Study and Career Prep programme(external link). It was an effective way for Kharissa to be brought up to speed on modern education practices.  

“I’m so glad I did,” says Kharissa. 

“I didn’t even know how to use a laptop. It was great to have a bit of insight on things like Moodle [website containing course resources for NMIT learners] before starting my degree.” 

Kharissa believes the Study and Career Prep programme lifted her confidence in herself and what she is capable of. 

“I have also been given a connection to my culture here at NMIT. I haven’t been brought up in te ao Māori and it has been empowering to reconnect.” 

Sarah Fraser, social work tutor, says the graduates of the Social and Career Prep programme are an absolute pleasure. 

“They have a real advantage in starting their degree studies through familiarity with NMIT systems and support and are ahead with their academic skills and confidence,” she says.  

The pathway programme enables learners to gain the necessary prerequisites for their chosen degree, offering a focus in either health, counselling and social work or arts. 

The Hauora Pathway for Health prepares learners for the Bachelor of Nursing, or another degree or diploma related to Health.  

Te Hāpai Hāpori Pathway for Counselling and Social Work prepares learners for the Paetahi Tumu Kōrero Bachelor of Counselling, the Bachelor of Social Work or a degree or diploma related to Counselling, Social Work or working with communities.  

For learners interested in completing the New Zealand Diploma in Arts and Media, Bachelor of Arts and Media, or Bachelor of Computer Generated Imagery, the Ngā Toi Pathway provides a head start. 

Study and Career Prep Joel
Joel Jackson is working towards a Bachelor of Nursing.

Together with Tiana and Kharissa, Joel Jackson graduated from the Study and Career Prep programme last year, but he went on to study for a Bachelor of Nursing(external link) 

“Ten years ago, I wanted to study nursing, but I didn’t have the prerequisites so put it aside,” Joel says.  

Joel has been working as a health care assistant in Golden Bay, and it was only when a colleague of his, who happened to be a former tutor at NMIT, told him about the Study and Carer Prep programme,  he decided to give it a go.  

“It was a really nice experience,” Joel says. “It brought me up to speed on things like powerpoints and referencing whilst assimilating me into student life.” 

“It did everything it was meant to do.” 

For more information about our Study and Career Preparation programme, visit the NMIT website(external link) 

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