International Curriculum

International Curriculum

In December 2018, NMIT created the International Curriculum Department. This new area within NMIT was developed to ensure strong relationships and to manage the academic aspects of NMIT’s International Partnership agreements.
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Institute to institute partnerships offer many benefits for students and staff at both institutions, including lower costs for students and professional development for teachers.

The new area is headed by the Dean of International Curriculum and supported by a coordinator and a Chinese Liaison. John Inglis, former teacher, and manager of Applied Business, Adventure Tourism and English was appointed to this new role. John Inglis has been involved with the China programme since its inception in 2004, was one of the first NMIT teachers to deliver courses in China in 2006 and has visited China many times since.

The Dean of International Curriculum is responsible for:

  • Liaising with partner universities to implement effective teaching arrangements, including:
    • deployment of teachers to partner institutes,
    • managing all aspects of the requirements in cooperation agreements, and
    • ensuring effective relationships with the partners
  • Managing the NMIT Confucius Institute Resource Centre
  • Managing Mandarin Language teachers
  • Arranging academic mentors for Chinese students studying at NMIT
  • The provision of appropriately qualified teaching staff, curriculum, and teaching resources to institutes
  • The approval of credits granted to international institute programme students,
  • The provision of academic professional development for international institute teachers at NMIT.

In 2023, John was also appointed Visiting Professor at Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhejiang Province for his services to the university in teaching and assisting with international relations.

Coordinator: Ethan Xu is a native Chinese speaker based at NMIT in Nelson. His role is to facilitate all administrative matters, including liaising with academic programme and teaching staff, administration of results and enrolments.

China Liaison: Yang Naiqi is a Chinese citizen who has been instrumental in the establishment and maintenance of partnerships between NMIT and Chinese Partners including GDPI since the programme inception. She is also responsible for advising and assisting Chinese students on visa applications required to complete their study at NMIT.

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