Cost of living

Moving countries can be a challenge and depending on where you are currently living, the cost of living in New Zealand will be different to what you are used to.

In New Zealand you will find some things cheaper and others more expensive. We have picked out some items to give you an idea of what you can expect. All amounts given are in New Zealand dollars.

Study costs per year  
Student Services Levy $240
Programme fees (approx. depending on programme) $18,000
Stationery and textbooks (approx. depending on programme) $500
Other costs per year  
Homestay (up to $350 per week for 40 weeks) $14,000
Medical and Travel Insurance $585
General Living Expenses $7,000
Cost comparisons  
Big Mac $5.00
Bottle of Coke (600ml) $4.00
Petrol per litre (fluctuates) $2.00
Movie tickets $12.50
Pair of Levi jeans $130
Takeaway meal $10-$15
Rice 1 kg $3.00
Going out for dinner $30-50

You can help your income go further by;

  • Organising your income and setting aside money in a separate bank account to cover your fixed costs like accommodation and tuition fees,
  • Using your Student ID card to get a range of discounts at local businesses,
  • Learning to cook and making your own lunches and hot drinks,
  • Get some budgeting advice from the student support team.

You can find more information regarding the cost of living in New Zealand on the New Zealand Education website using the button below.

Cost of living in New Zealand
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