Student loans

Student loans are a government loan for New Zealand students that you repay through the Department of Inland Revenue when you start working.

Student loans are not managed by NMIT but by the government organisation StudyLink.

To qualify for a student loan you must be a New Zealand citizen, or an Australian citizen or a permanent New Zealand resident who has lived in New Zealand for at least three years enrolled in a Ministry of Education approved full time or part time programme (the equivalent of at least 12 weeks full time):

  • full-time
  • limited full-time
  • part-time, for 32 weeks or longer
  • part-time, for less than 32 weeks, a course with an EFTS value of 0.25 or more.

If you are enrolled on a non-Ministry approved programme or course you are not eligible for student loans. 

The amount you can borrow includes

  • Course fees
  • Course related costs
  • Living costs and
  • Loan administration fee.

You can apply for a loan when you apply for a programme and you should definitely apply once you have been accepted on to a programme to ensure there is enough time to process your application before you start your studies.

You will know that your loan is approved when you get a letter of approval from StudyLink.

You will need your IRD number for your loan application and for your NMIT application/enrolment.

For further information on who can get a student loan, please visit the StudyLink(external link) website using the button below.

Student allowances

If you are a New Zealand student attending a full time programme of 12 weeks or longer and who are 18 years or over you may be eligible for a student allowance.

If you are a New Zealand students who is 16 or 17 years of age you may also be eligible.

Allowance rates may be affected by your parents' income and can be topped up via a student loan in some situations.

Contact StudyLink(external link) for further information on loans or allowances.

Training Incentive Allowance (TIA)

The Training Incentive Allowance(external link) is for employment related training. It is available if you have specific deficiencies in employment skills or your current skills mean you are at risk of being on a benefit for a long time.

If you will be receiving this allowance, you will need to include letter of confirmation from Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) with your Secure Your Enrolment form. You will also need to make a separate Student Loan application to StudyLink if part of your fees are also being paid by a Student Loan.

For further information on who can get the Training Incentive Allowance, please visit the StudyLink website using the button below.

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