Fees, costs & financing

We are funded partly by the New Zealand government and partly from fees paid by students.

Programme and course costs for New Zealand citizens and residents are subsidised by the New Zealand government. This subsidy also applies to Australian students because of agreements that exist between the New Zealand and Australian governments. Students from other countries choosing to study in New Zealand are charged a full fee.

Compulsory student services fee

Additional to your programme fees there is a student service fee(external link).

Other costs

Some programmes require fees for assessment, examination, or subject entry fees - these fees are paid to external bodies such as NZQA or the Nursing Council. These fees may be included in your total fee. You can check with your programme area if there are extra costs.

Financial assistance

There are a variety of ways you can receive some financial support for your fees. There are grants, scholarships, student loans, student allowances. It is worth investigating what you are entitled to or can apply for, to make your life as a student financially less stressful.

Liability to pay fees and costs

It is important to remember you are liable for all fees and charges on the date you enrol. If you do not start the programme or do not attend all of the sessions, you are still liable for all fees, unless you have officially withdrawn within the refund period.

If you do not enrol but attend classes at NMIT you will be liable for all fees associated with the programme and will receive an invoice.

Fees not paid by due date may attract a late payment penalty.

You may not be permitted to attend class if you still owe NMIT money from a previous programme.

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