NMIT awarded elite rating

NMIT awarded elite rating

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) has been rated among New Zealand’s elite tertiary institutes after an external evaluation review by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

The four-yearly review has again given NMIT a Category 1 rating, repeating the accolade it was awarded in 2013. NMIT is one of only seven of the country’s 16 institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs) to gain the top rating. Ratings range from one to four.

"It’s a big deal for NMIT and for the region," says NMIT’s chief executive Liam Sloan. "It shows that qualifications gained at NMIT are credible and are robustly quality-assured. It’s also an important outcome for the industries and organisations who deal with us." 

The NZQA review lasted for two weeks.
Tony Gray, the outgoing chief executive who leaves NMIT next month after 11 years in charge, says the rating is a testament to all colleagues at NMIT "who’ve worked so hard to make NMIT a first-rate tertiary institute."
"For a number of years, we have focused on how we can support the region in a variety of ways and this has also been recognised in the report."

Developing programmes with industry to produce well qualified graduates to support key Top of the South regional industries like aquaculture, aeronautical engineering, maritime, viticulture and wine and conservation has been important, Mr Gray says.
"For a regional tertiary institute, it’s incredibly important that we put the region’s industries and businesses first."

Liam Sloan says the Category 1 rating will also help NMIT to continue attracting international students to study in New Zealand within the Nelson or Marlborough regions.
But he says NMIT won’t "rest on our laurels. We are committed to continuous improvement and therefore would like to ensure that come our next EER NZQA are highly confident in self-assessment at NMIT".

The NZQA rating follows an in-depth and wide ranging review of NMIT’s teaching standards and student success as well as the quality of governance and management.
Its report summary says:
NZQA is Highly Confident in the educational performance Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.
The main reasons for these levels of confidence are:

  • NMIT’s governance and management provide sound leadership and implement strategies that are improving educational performance and leading to good employment outcomes. 
  • NMIT is effectively preparing its graduates for work and/or further study. 
  • NMIT is maintaining overall course completions – a key TEC indicator of educational performance – that are at or above the ITP median. 
  • Strategies to improve learning and teaching, achieve valued outcomes, match regional and national needs, and maintain investment are effective. 
  • Tutors have a good understanding of how well individual students are achieving, and direct students to the right support. Staff monitor programme performance, relevance and levels of student satisfaction. This is an area of strength. 
  • International student support and monitoring of the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice are well managed.
  • Student support services are working well to support learner needs.
  • Compliance is well managed and monitored. 

In summary, NZQA stated that NMIT is matching regional and key industry needs. It is also adding value to its community through collaboration to provide study opportunities to degree level in Nelson. NMIT’s effective governance and management have the means to continue to deliver a high level of educational performance. NMIT is continuing to strengthen the quality and validity of information it gathers to support educational achievement and further develop its self-assessment.

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