Foundation Skills

Tertiary preparation studies at NMIT

Here you can build up your skills, strategies and confidence to succeed in higher level education. Our Tertiary Preparation programmes are designed to give you the skills and entry criteria for certificate, diploma and degree study. They enable you to improve and perfect your study, presentation and communication skills. 

You will be guided from an introductory level of skills required for tertiary study to a level that will enable you to study independently in an area of your interest. These certificates are designed for people who may have struggled with learning while at school, or left school early some years back, or for people who want to start the journey of retraining for a different occupation.

Full time or flexible part time study options are available, depending on your learning needs, and to prepare you for application to further study in your field of interest. You may wish to take individual courses alongside the programme you are currently enrolled in, to help you gain the study skills you need to successfully complete the programme.

We’ll work with you to determine the best course of study for your requirements, and help you develop your own individual learning plan to guide your study. All courses in each of the certificate levels are available as Short Awards.

Our staff are passionate about people and are talented and highly qualified professionals in their own fields. Our educational philosophy is based upon supporting students’ development and enhancing their ability to make sound decisions based on their learning while studying with us.

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