STAR courses

Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) courses are short classes that help students to explore career options and make informed decisions about their future schooling, work or study.

STAR courses may include unit standard assessment. The unit standards applicable to specific STAR courses are shown below.

In some STAR courses, you can also gain NCEA credits at Level 1 or 2.

How to enrol

Complete the application form [PDF, 235 KB] and take to your career advisor.
(Please note: the application form must be signed by a parent/caregiver).

2021 STAR course dates

Cost: $120 per student for 2-3 day courses.

CourseDurationAssessment2021 dates
Hairdressing 3 days US25439 5-7 July (Nelson)
Beauty 3 days US25439

5-7 July (Marlborough)
12-14 July (Nelson)

Front of House (Barista) 3 days US17285

19-21 April (Nelson)
24-26 May (Nelson)
5-7 July (Nelson)
4-6 October (Nelson)

Front of House (Bar Service - Mocktails) 2 days US21057

22-23 April (Nelson)
7-8 October (Nelson)

Front of House (Cafe Table Service) 3 days US14434 27-29 September (Nelson)
Culinary (Chefing) 2 days US13282 27-28 September (Nelson)
Automotive (Intermediate) 2 days - 3-4 August (Nelson)
Welding (Intermediate) 2 days - 5-6 August (Nelson)
Carpentry/Joinery 2 days - 3-4 June (Richmond)
VHF Marine Radio Operator 2 days US19491

1-2 November (Nelson)
4-5 November (Nelson)

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