Get half a degree for free

As a local school leaver you can choose to study on one of our eligible Bachelor degree programmes and save 50% on the tuition fees.

In 2018 this scholarship just got sweeter. You could be eligible for Fees Free(external link) on the first year of your degree. You will then receive half fees for the remainder of your degree. 
Note: Half a degree for free scholarships for new students will not be available after July 2018 due to the fees free availability. 

What our students say

"It made a huge difference to the financial pressures of study." Georgia

"Studying at NMIT was a fantastic opportunity to save money while living at home and gaining the same quality education that you'd get at a university." Lucy

"Coming to NMIT showed me there was a better way to study. It's quite a different feel when tutors actually know my name." Abbey

"I actually don't have a student loan.... I cannot wait to go to course every single day." Morgan

Eligible Programmes

How much can I save if I study at NMIT (Nelson campus)?

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    Nelson  Marlborough   West Coast 
Enrolment Fees  $17,500  $9,000
 $9,000  $9,000
Levies/Fees/Calendar  $2,200


 $720  $720
Textbooks/Stationery  $2,250  $2,250  $2,250  $2,250
Accommodation  $33,000  $0  $26,000  $26,000
Personal Spending  $10,500  $10,500  $10,500  $10,500
Travel-Home  $1,000


 $520  $520
TOTAL EXPENDITURE  $66,450  $22,470  $48,990  $48,990
SAVING    $43,980  $17,460  $17,460

Costs are based on average course fees and living costs for a 3 year degree, for a student living in Nelson. Please note that the Bachelor of Commerce is also available in Blenheim. Staying and studying in Marlborough could save you up to a further $14,200 on accommodation.

get half a NMIT degree for free
Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you:

  • Recently left (or will be leaving) from these schools: Nelson College, Nelson College for Girls, Nayland College, Waimea College, Garin College, Motueka High School, Golden Bay High School, Collingwood Area School, Tapawera Area School, Rai Valley Area School, Kaikoura High School, Murchison Area School, Marlborough Girls College, Marlborough Boys College, Queen Charlotte College, Buller High School, Greymouth High School, Reefton Area School, John Paul II High School, Karamea Area School, South Westland Area School, Westland High School, Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Tuia te Matangi,Te Aho Te Kura Pounamu (The Correspondence School) or Home Schooling.
  • Are a New Zealand citizen or hold a New Zealand residency permit
  • Study full time
  • Meet the entry requirements and be accepted onto one of the stated NMIT degree programmes - Bachelor of Arts and Media, Bachelor of Information Technology, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Social Work), Bachelor of Aquaculture & Marine Conservation or Bachelor of Viticulture and Winemaking.

How do I apply?

All you need to do is enrol and supply your school leaving certificate once you have it. We'll do the rest!



  • Applicants must spend at least one academic year in Year 13 of which at least the final 6 months has been in a participating local school.
  • Applicants must provide a Leaver’s Certificate from their participating school, or in the case of an Area School, Correspondence, or Home Schooling a cover letter verifying completion of Year 13.
  • Providing they meet the eligibility criteria, applicants may complete a gap year from secondary school and still be eligible for the scholarship. (Local school leavers only)
  • The scholarship can be taken up to and including July intake after the gap year. (Local school leavers only)
  • Students are still eligible if they have studied during their gap year. (including at NMIT)
  • The value of each scholarship will cover 50% of the tutorial fee component only of the total enrolment fee for 3 Years (6 semesters) on one of the seven NMIT degree programmes listed above. Recipients are to be invoiced 50% of tutorial fees per year.
  • Applicants must study full time consecutively for three years. Applicants who discontinue study during this period will forfeit their scholarship on return to study, except in the case of student exchange. Applicants may be granted a scholarship where timetabling prevents full-time study.
  • Not available retrospectively.
  • Scholarship cannot be taken in conjunction with any other NMIT funded scholarship in one academic year.
  • Scholarship may be used in conjunction with a NMIT school award.
  • You are agreeing to participate in any NMIT promotions associated with this scholarship.
  • Should you leave before the completion of your degree, or do not successfully pass your courses, that ongoing provision of your scholarship may be reconsidered, at the discretion of the Director of Marketing and International Development.

The Scholarship does not include

  • Course materials fee
  • Course related materials
  • Student Services Levy
  • Any additional credits over and above the minimum credits required to complete the degree or similar
  • Costs associated with repeating courses after the 3 year period
  • Costs associated with repeating assessments
  • Fees for NMIT courses completed prior to the scholarship being awarded
  • Courses studied that are not part of or cross-creditable to the NMIT degree programme being studied (Refer to the appropriate programme regulations).
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