New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture Production (Nursery Production)
Level 4

New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture Production (Nursery Production)

In just one afternoon a week, we can upskill your team.
This programme is eligible for fees-free under the Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF). Find full details about the fund here.(external link)

The below courses run in blocks, students can complete the New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (Nursery Production), Level 4, in one year, or up to three years.

  • Thursday, 1.00 - 5.00 pm     Theory classes
  • Friday, 9.00 am - 3.00 pm    Practical classes

Students who are in full-time work can complete their practical study in the workplace.

Nursery environment          

Students will set up their own soil-less media experiment to trial mixes of their choice, to complete this they will also study:

  • Soil science, soil-less media and managing nutrients
  • Understanding and operating irrigation systems, including misting units and hotbeds, and managing the nursery environment
  • An understanding of potential weather events and how to mitigate them
Nursery operations
  • Online learning in the computer room
  • Students who are in full-time nursery work could do online work at home

Nursery Crop Protection              

Students will look at the specific pests diseases and disorders in a Nursery as well as weeds

  • Identification, monitoring and management of these pests are covered and you will develop and run a crop protection plan
  • Students will also have the opportunity to gain a basic GROWSAFE certificate

Nursery Equipment, Packing and Dispatch

  • This course covers the use of nursery equipment and includes an optional forklift training day
  • Nursery equipment is observed in a range of nurseries and covers potting and seed sowing machines, and state of the art nursery automation systems
  • Packing and dispatch systems for both container and field nurseries are observed and the pros and cons of each noted

Plant Selection and Planning

  • This course looks at plant identification in the Nursery, including learning about cultivars and varieties.
  • An understanding of what types of plants suit different soil types, environments and garden situations is covered, and students are then required to come up with scale drawing for a landscape and planting plans for a real site.
  • Students will learn how to place plants in the right place as well as plan, plant and monitor a revegetation project.  

Business Management and Marketing

  • This course introduces students to how they can set up their own plant growing business, and an understanding of the market  
  • It addresses the regulations, copyright, trademarks and labour laws as well as customer care
  • Students will prepare a business plan and will participate in setting up and running a market day plant sale with other students as part of this course   

Human Resources

  • This course covers supervising and managing others in the workplace  
  • Relevant employer regulations and acts are covered including health and safety in the workplace
  • Students also learn about leadership styles, communication styles and conflict resolution processes
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