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NMIT and Invest Training Solutions have partnered together to offer horticulture businesses in-house staff training nationwide.
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Brent Ingles and Grant Ingles, Directors of Invest Training Solutions, Brian Johnston NMIT Executive Director - Finance and Campus Services, and Wayne Jackson NMIT Chief Executive.

Upskilling your team can strengthen a business by increasing productivity, and ensuring the retention of valued staff. However, it’s not always easy to decide on the best training pathway to implement to ensure staff stay engaged.

As training brokers, Invest Training Solutions(external link) will work with you to identify the training that will best support the growth of your managers and general staff to grow their knowledge and capabilities.

Their experienced team will work with your staff every step of the way to enrol on the appropriate programmes, and provide continued support with in-business study support, online study guidance, and where needed, physical demonstrations. 

Contact Grant at Invest Training Solutions(external link) to discuss the needs of your company today: 

Grant Ingles, Director Business Development 

Ph: 029 250 7006, or email

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