Sunny Candy by Lichun Zhan

Sunny Candy by Lichun Zhan

Candy Packaging Design project, completed as part of the Bachelor of Arts and Media

As a child, my grandmother told me a fairy tale about ‘the seven- colors flowers’ where each petal was a different color. Growing up I hoped to find a seven colors flower and be granted seven magical wishes. Many Chinese people and children are aware of the tale and hope to find a seven- color flower.

I have designed the packaging and promotion for a candy brand ‘Sunny Candy’ that uses my English Name ‘Sunny’ as part of the brand. ‘Sunny Candy’ has seven fruit flavours – strawberry, orange, lemon, green apple, kiwi, blueberry, grape. I have used seven different Op art patterns in my packaging. The packaging colors link my logo “the seven colors flowers.”

Sunny Candy is marketed to those who like to eat candy. The target audience are people who are familiar with ‘the seven flowers’ fairy story and who like magic.

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