A diverse exhibition for Bachelor of Arts and Media graduates

A diverse exhibition for Bachelor of Arts and Media graduates

Three mid-year graduates of the Bachelor of Arts and Media, Emmie Perrin, Skyann Martin and Lydia Polaschek, will be exhibiting a selection of their work at NMIT’s g_space gallery.
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Emmie Perrin's 'The Garage Project: Beneath the Surface.'

The exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate the effort that has gone into the three or more years of study each learner has completed, with the artworks all wildly different in nature.  

NMIT tutor, Stefan Hanspach, has enjoyed working with the small cohort and the diversity of creativity they have brought to the table. 

“The final assessments that are to be exhibited are so different. We have a stop motion movie, photography and a drawing/painting project,” Stefan says. 

“To have helped them discover their own creative niche and support them in that field has been an honour, they have all come a long way through the last three years.” 

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Models from Lydia Polaschek's stop motion film, 'In The Company of a Black Cat.'

Emmie, Skyann and Lydia all enjoyed their time at NMIT, appreciative of their tutors’ knowledge and the support systems on offer.  

“I have honestly really valued the opportunity to be amongst so many other creatives,” says Emmie. “It is so awesome to see what everyone is up to, and I find the atmosphere to be very motivating.” 

Skyann looks forward to finding full time work and eventually working for herself. 

“My favourite experience from studying at NMIT has been finding out who I am,” she says. 

Lydia found SANITI and the well-being support systems to be incredibly helpful, as well as her tutors' knowledge. 

“The tutors have been reliable, knowledgeable and always willing to take the time to give individual assistance,” she says. 

The exhibition opens at 5pm, Wednesday 26 June, and runs until 5 July 2024 at the NMIT Nelson Campus, g_space gallery. 

Exhibition artist statements (redacted):  

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Emmie Perrin's 'The Garage Project: Beneath the Surface.'

Emmie Perrin: The Garage Project: Beneath the Surface. 

When presented with a blank canvas, with no rules or regulations, what do we do?  

We splash it with paint, each stroke of a brush representing a small piece of ourselves. The colours and the shapes are all pieces of us. A garage is much like this. An empty room without the societal expectations of the household. 

The work consists of 45 photographs of various garage spaces throughout the Nelson/Tasman region. The use of photographs allows the space to be represented as authentically as possible because they can be captured, as they are, in an instant. 

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Detail of Skyann Martin's Circles in Nature.

Skyann Martin: Circles in Nature. 

Three Large MDF 9mm 2440 x 1220 boards have been stained using coffee and tea water, 

with landscapes hand drawn in pencil and graphite. The outlines of circles are then drawn with pencil, coloured pencils and graphic markers. 

The images drawn are a contemporary expression of wholeness, peace and safety involving 

nature and circles. Allow yourself to imagine being in each place that is drawn. Take the time to feel and immerse yourself in a circle of safety. 

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Excerpt from Lydia Polaschek's stop motion film.

Lydia Polaschek: In The Company of a Black Cat. 

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by stop motion films. My short silent film project covers themes of loneliness, isolation and liminal space using visual story telling. 

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to walk from here?”  
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the cat. 

This film responds to my insecurities as an artist, and how I feel trapped as something I regret becoming. 


Event details: 

When: Wednesday 26 June from 5pm until Friday 5 July 

Where: g_space gallery, G Block, NMIT Nelson Campus 

322 Hardy St, Nelson.  

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