Love of sport steers student towards studying fitness at NMIT

Love of sport steers student towards studying fitness at NMIT

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Ollie Martin’s decision to study sport and recreation was fuelled by a chance opportunity to help friends during his last year at school.

Like a lot of New Zealand kids growing up, Ollie Martin loved to play sport. But it wasn’t until his final year at school when he helped two friends with their fitness that he knew he wanted to study sport and recreation. 

“In Year 13, both of my mates wanted to join the Defence Forces which meant they needed good marks in their assessment testing,” says Ollie, “The only way to do that was by having a high level of fitness.”

Aware of his personal interest in sports training and fitness, his friends asked him for some advice on what they needed to increase their levels of fitness. Ollie suggested some training sessions and they jumped at the opportunity.

“We would go running and I’d set them workouts and even take them down to the beach and do sessions. They both ended up doing really well in the testing which was really rewarding for me to help them achieve that.”

After finishing school, Ollie made the decision to move to Christchurch and undertake a one-year personal training programme course.

“I always knew how good the NMIT course was even in Year 13, but I really wanted a break from living in Nelson all my life so I went to Christchurch to do a course there.” 

Ollie says his decision to return to Nelson and study the New Zealand Diploma in Sport, Recreation and Exercise (Multi-sector) Level 6 programme(external link) was fuelled by the comprehensive course material delivered. 

“It’s a real step up from my studies last year because it so much more detail orientated so I’m much more focused on the material,” Ollie says. 

He says if you are interested in studying fitness at NMIT, be prepared to work hard.

“This isn’t like PE at College, where you run around for an hour. You actually have to study for it, including how the body works and everything to do with it.”

After completing the Diploma, Ollie intends to enrol in the AUT Bachelor of Sport and Recreation(external link) at the Nelson Campus.

“After my degree, I’ll do a year of work experience in a gym training people and then do my final assessments before joining the Airforce where I hope to become a personal training instructor for recruits.” 

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