BAM2021: Award winners announced

BAM2021: Award winners announced

A series of paintings and graphic etchings by Kirsty Cooper, inspired by the ‘geomorphologies of rocks and boulders’, was awarded the Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith Excellence Award at the opening of BAM2021— the end of year exhibition by NMIT Bachelor of Arts and Media students.
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Jeweller Joel Fitzwell, with Excellence Award winner Kirsty Cooper, and Halfdan Hansen from the award sponser Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith.

The judges, all NMIT arts and media tutors, said Kirsty’s work titled Erratic Boulders | Out of Place showed ‘a sophisticated synthesis of art practice and research’. 

“Walking in Nelson's Cobb Valley and looking closely at the geomorphology was a key stimulus for Kirsty’s series. It was there that she first thought about the metaphorical and geological resonances of rocks and stones and their kindred abstract configurations.”

“It’s a very strong and diverse series in which Kirsty melds two-dimensional shapes with spatial illusion, achromatic colour with metallics and representational qualities with the abstraction. An impressive body of work!”

Halfdan Hansen from Excellence Award sponsor Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith congratulated Kirsty on her winning work.

“Kirsty’s art pieces are stand outs, clearly showing how much research and consideration has gone into their development. It has undoubtedly been another tough year for students due to COVID-19, and yet their work has once again reached a very high standard. Well done to all, and in particular to the award winners,” he said.

Kirsty Cooper

Kirsty Cooper was awarded the Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith Excellence Award at the opening of BAM2021— the end of year exhibition by NMIT Bachelor of Arts and Media students.

Kirsty  says the 2021 graduating class in the Bachelor of Arts and Design degree are very grateful for the support given by the sponsors.

"I would especially like to thank the Nelson Suter Arts Society, and Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith. I will wear my 'Nelson Ring' with pride, as an elegant reminder of the three years of challenging and rewarding learning at NMIT, that has given me new skills for ways of seeing, doing, and thinking," she says.

Other awards announced at the BAM2021 exhibition opening were the:

  • Nelson Suter Art Society Distinction Award: (3 recipients)
    Kirsty Cooper - a series of geometric, abstract paintings and graphic etchings.
    Rachel Hampton - a series of ten photographic portraits, presented as five pairs.
    Emma King - five works on primed, sand-sealed plywood board.

    The judges (Paul Deacon, Ynes Guevara, Kirsten Baldwin) commented that all three works 'performed well in the space together'.

  • Impressions Distinction Award:  
    Rosa Coutts - a fashion collection inspired by the landscape of Aotearoa with reference to cowgirl attire. 

    Judges comment: The colours and textural nuances in Rosa Coutts’ work are particularly striking; she has developed a personal visual language through insightful material choices and skilled production methods. 

  • Framing Rooms Distinction Award:   
    Jayde McDonald - a book displaying some of New Zealand’s graffiti.

    Judges comment: Jayde McDonald’s knowledge and appreciation of a specific creative community, the graffiti scene, is documented in his book of ‘Nelson+’ photographs and celebrated in his unusual, attention-grabbing, presentation approach. 

BAM2021 is curated by The Suter Art Gallery staff, Curator and Collection manager, Sarah McClintock and Director Julie Catchpole.

More information: BAM2021: a showcase of Bachelor of Arts and Media work(external link)

Event: BAM2021
Venue: G-Space Gallery and 2 Floor G-Block, Nile street
When: Saturday 20 November to Sunday December 5 – 10am to 3pm daily

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