Sassy and successful

When Sarah marched into the offices of AMP Powerhouse Financial Services and asked if they had any work, “It all turned out beautifully” according to their Business Manager, Emily Urquhart.

"We were thinking about hiring someone else. Basically - Sarah walks in... and it was the fact that she had walked up our stairs, and there was a spark there and I thought to myself 'I like that girl'." - Emily Urquhart, Business Manager at AMP Powerhouse Financial Services

Sarah, had no administration experience but by joining the Employment Scholarship Programme Level 3 she gained the skills necessary to successfully function in the job and also add extra tasks to her job description.

She realised from the course that the potential was there to ease her workload and asked the tutor, Leigh, to come to the office and show her how to incorporate pivot tables into her work. Her boss was “stoked - as it saved her 10 days of work". Now he has Sarah making ‘How To’ training videos for the staff.

Sarah’s advice to anyone thinking about joining the Employment Scholarship Programme is “If you are new going into an office job and don’t have the necessary admin skills, ESP is great. It’s really helpful and Leigh is a great tutor!”

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