Drone Surveying & Analytics Workshop 2019

Drone Surveying & Analytics Workshop 2019

This event will give you the essential drone survey skills to add value to your business.

Many organisations believe drones can improve their business. If you are involved in agriculture, infrastructure, construction, forestry or mining, drones probably can help you.

But what can a drone actually do? And how do we actually do it? Sign up below to find out.

The 2.5 day workshop ($1,000 + GST, per person) to be held at NMIT in Nelson.

Hands-on training on survey types and outputs, setting up an aerial survey from start to finish, doing a survey and reviewing the results.

After completing the course, attendees will:
1. Understand the potential for drone technology in their organisation
2. Know how to “operationalise” drones in their organisation
3. Be able to set up a survey that is legal, safe and accurate
4. Be able to execute a competent and safe survey.

This course won’t teach you to fly a drone manually; we assume you already have some UAV experience. Instead, we want to take your skills and knowledge to the next level where you can turn a UAV into an effective data gathering platform for your business.
Note: this course will give you skills and knowledge, but not a qualification, however we will discuss the path to 102 certification). You can bring your own equipment or use ours. We recommend you bring your own laptop.


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Drone qualifications

If you are not available to join this course at this time, or would like to know about future drone qualification plans, sign up to our email list(external link).


Day 1

8:30: Introduction and course objectives: the basics of flight planning and commercial UAV surveying
10:00: Break
10:15: Survey purposes and parameters (agriculture, mining, construction etc) (Ground control points, PPK, RTK) (Mission planning)
1:00: Lunch 
2:00: Data processing basics and analytical software 
4.45: Wrap up

Day 2

8.30: Review of yesterday
8.45: Equipment: what do you need to operate a drone survey unit?
9.30: Data management - run through sample system, data workflow and information management
10.15: Break
10.30: Hand out survey case studies to groups. Each group creates a Mission Plan
11.15: Groups travel to site, set up and conduct survey. (Transportation provided by NMIT) Each group will have a DroneMate and an NMIT person. DJI/Ferntech will also have a person moving between groups. (Lunch will be provided on site)
3.00: Back at base, each group presents observations and demos their data (15 mins each)
4.30: Wrap up. DroneMate process the data overnight.

Day 3

8.30: Recap of yesterday- learnings from field work
9.00: Open review of the maps and how each group managed
10.30: Break
10.45: Regulation, compliance and risk management- what could have been done better and safer?
11.45: Wrap up and review of course, follow up matters, feedback survey
12.00: Finish


Fertech   Dronemate


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