Amarama encourages colleagues to follow in her footsteps

Amarama encourages colleagues to follow in her footsteps

Amarama Citre came to NMIT from New Caledonia on a Scholarship Consulate de Nouvelle Zealand (Skills).

She says, "My training at NMIT has improved my English language and skills in customer service, selling and using the travel system, Amadeus. I feel more confidence to speak to groups and organise projects in my team's work. I recommend this programme to young people from Pasifika."

English is Amarama's third language and she already had completed a Management Diploma before coming to New Zealand to complete the Certificates in Tourism and Travel at Level 3 and Level 4. "Lots of cruises are coming to my island so it is better to learn English," she says.

"On returning to New Caledonia I will be working for Naisseline Omayra on Syndicat d’initiative. This job is at an I-site on Mare Island. My role will mean providing customer service to visitors and hosting visitors at island tourist events. When P&O cruise ships visit the island I organise the local guide, security agent, cleaning agent and driver to look after the visit."

Scholarships available through New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade(external link)


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