China is an important trading partner for New Zealand and we've developed strong links with several Chinese universities.

If you’re looking at doing business in China, we have many resources which can help - from our knowledgeable and experienced staff to our skilled graduates with Chinese experience to Mandarin language classes.

Partner Institutes in China

As well as attracting Chinese students to study in Nelson and Marlborough, we have hundreds of students who are completing NMIT qualifications in China. Our staff regularly visit China to teach on these programmes.

Our partners

Confucius Institute Resource Centre

Our Confucius Institute Resource Centre opened in 2013 on the Nelson campus within the business department and is affiliated to the University of Canterbury’s Confucius Institute (CI). CI’s are accredited by the headquarters of the Confucius Institute in Beijing and are situated around the world to promote Chinese language and culture and mutually beneficial economic relationships.

Chinese Language Classes

Through the Confucius Institute Resource Centre, we offer a range of evening community Mandarin language classes in Nelson. Students are encouraged to participate in the globally-recognised Chinese Language Proficiency Level Test (HSK) and have the opportunity to apply for Confucius Institute (CI) scholarships to study in China.

China Scholarships for Kiwi Students

Students entering the world of business today can expect to work in an environment where technology is ubiquitous, the pace of change is rapid and working with different cultures is the ‘new normal’. To help prepare our students for this environment, our business and IT students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to travel to China to act as tutorial assistants at our partner institutions. These scholarships help to enhance cultural understanding.

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