What is studying hairdressing like?

What is studying hairdressing like?

Jaime is making the move to get into his future career in hairdressing and we are following him through his first year of studies.

First year fees free has made it possible for Jaime to make the big decision to study towards a career in hairdressing. He spent some time considering what he wanted to do and how he wanted his future to look.

He has long term plans but it is playing it one day at a time as he learns all he can on the programme. We caught up with him in week 5 of this studies. 

 It is a juggle to manage studies, part time work and home life but it is working. So far he is very happy with the decision he has made to take the plunge, stop full time work and study to get ahead.

Watch out for future updates from Jaime's studies.

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