No learning journey is black and white

No learning journey is black and white

A medical event turned Janet Munro’s life upside down, but she wouldn’t swap her journey for anything.
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Janet Munro, who has a passion for black and white photography, at Te Pūkenga NMIT.
Photo credit: Jess Shirley.

Janet suffered a brain bleed in 2015 which gave a her less than a 5 per cent chance of survival. However, the experience also gave her an opportunity for a whole new direction.

“I’ve loved photography ever since I was a teenager, but since I had my brain bleed, my artistic side has really come out,” Janet says.

She was encouraged to study on campus by Sarah Arnold, Programme Support Coordinator for Creative Industries and Jess Shirley, Lens-based Media tutor at NMIT Te Pūkenga after she completed the Level 5 Digital Photography Training Scheme(external link) online.

“I want to be a freelance photographer, so I want a qualification in photography,” she says.

After the brain bleed disrupted her life, Janet had to learn to walk and talk again.

“I just stayed positive, but I wanted my old life back and was very angry at the beginning,” she says.

“But now I wouldn’t swap it for anything. I love helping people who have been through similar events; letting them know they can get through it and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Janet also faced a triple heart bypass and was not expected to survive.

She says the support at NMIT Te Pūkenga has been absolutely amazing.

“Even before I started the course, everything was sorted so the support systems were in place on day one,” Janet says.

“Everyone here, from the Equity Support team, to Enrolments, to Library Services have been amazing. I don’t want to ever leave.”

Janet shares her work on Facebook(external link) and entered the regional A&P Show last November for the first time, coming away with a hoard of placings and awards, including ‘Champion Black and White Photography – Novice'.

She is completing the Level 5 and 6 Lens-based Media courses over the next couple of years.

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