NMIT carpentry apprentice wins again

NMIT carpentry apprentice wins again

Thomas Ashley, a 4th year carpentry apprentice for Tasman homes has taken out the Master Builders, BCITO Top of the South, Apprentice of the Year Competition.

Earlier this year he also won the New Zealand Certified Builder’s regional apprenticeship competition and come third overall in New Zealand. Thomas is completing his building apprenticeship through NMIT.

For the BCITO Top of the South Apprentice of the Year Competition, Thomas completed a two hour practical challenge, endured a site visit by four judges and had to provide a written piece about himself as well as coordinate getting pieces written by his employer and NMIT staff.

This year the awards were held in Blenheim. A team from NMIT went to support Tom and another apprentice also competing. It was a tense moment when the winner envelope was being opened. After a long pause Tom Ashley was declared the winner. Congratulations Tom!

We again had an NMIT building apprentice win in an apprenticeship competition.

Claiming over $6,000 in prizes including a two week Outward Bound experience and a $2,000 credit at Carters, Tom now goes to Auckland in November to compete for the national title.

I have known since Tom’s first year that he was something special and destined for big things in the building industry. As well as a high skill set, Tom has a great personality and a positive attitude towards, not only his own work, but also encouraging those around him whether they be fellow competitors or other workers on his building site.

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