New technology could ramp up visitor experience

New technology could ramp up visitor experience

Eight talented women from three different Malaysian universities were in Nelson to demonstrate Virtual and Extended Reality technology.
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NMIT staff Ali Kahwaji, Klaas Breukel and Sarah Arnold organised the event, one of the many different exciting opportunities the researchers have to share their knowledge.

They showcased an augmented reality app at Founders Park on 1 September, which provided an opportunity for Nelson City Council members to learn more about the technology and how it can benefit our region.

Tom Ransom, Arts and Heritage advisor for the Nelson City Council, was excited to see what was prepared.

‘We’ve done a lot to inform tourists and locals about our region’s history,” he said, “but, for example, we can’t change the Heritage Panels we make.”

Tom went on to say our understanding of history is always evolving as new information comes to light.

“It isn’t static and nor should our approach to informing people be. Such technology would be supremely advantageous in these instances,” he said.

It was clear to the researchers as they explored our beautiful region that a lot of things could be done to provide more information to visitors.

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