Maritime summer internship launches

Maritime summer internship launches

Eva Osmond couldn’t be happier with her opportunity to work alongside respected and experienced Harbourmasters.
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Eva Osmond is a recipient of the Nelson Harbourmaster Summer Internship

The Nelson Harbourmaster Summer Internship, in collaboration with Te Pūkenga NMIT, has recently closed.

One of the lucky recipients, Eva Osmond, graduated from the February 2022 intake of the NMIT Superyacht Crewing programme.

“The course was one of the best life experiences I’ve ever had,” she said. “I have made memories and friends for life and have learned skills that wouldn’t be possible for me to learn anywhere else.”

During her upcoming internship, Eva will have the opportunity to gain sea time and complete her Training Record Book for a Skippers Restricted Limits (SRL) qualification. She will work part time on the Harbourmaster launch to be ready for the block course and oral exam at the end of the summer.

“This internship was definitely one of those opportunities I couldn't pass up,” Eva said. “When I got the call for the job, I had a smile from ear to ear, I was so ecstatic.”

Eva will be working with the Harbourmaster and Deputy Harbourmaster on tasks such as search and rescues, safety inspections and daily patrols.

“Getting to work on the water every day with amazing & experienced people like Stuart Whitehouse (Harbourmaster) & Peter Carmichael (Deputy Harbourmaster) is just the ultimate job for someone like me,” she said.

Eva is well on her way to achieving her goals and is grateful to all her tutors for their time, patience, and teaching skills.

“I have a few goals for the future,” she said, “the first is to obtain my SRL qualification available at Te Pūkenga NMIT.”

“Then I plan to secure my Padi dive ticket before I leave to go work as a deckhand on the Superyachts overseas late next year.”

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