Learning English with aroha

Learning English with aroha

English Language ākonga at NMIT Te Pūkenga Marlborough Campus find the atmosphere incredibly welcoming and enjoyable.
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English Language students, from left, Cinthya Iguaran Gaviria, Li Li, Yang Li Zhao and Eufrasia Peneres-Middlemiss.

All from different cultures and backgrounds, the learners come together to not only learn the application of English language, but they also learn a lot about our local culture.

Li Li from China, was encouraged to join the programme by friends who are also studying.

“I have only been here for a few months, but everyone is so nice. I’m retired but would like a part time job. It is so important to learn English,” she says.

Eufrasia Peneres-Middlemiss teaches New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) and has three degrees from her home country in Brazil.

She’s been in New Zealand for six years and joined the English Language programme to gain more confidence speaking English. Eufrasia is hopeful she will be able to utilize her vast experience.

Cinthya Iguaran-Gaviria has been here for 11 months and arrived from Colombia with her family.

“My children speak English perfectly,” she says, “I need to learn more.”

Cinthya plans to continue her education here in New Zealand and become a nurse.

Yan Ling Zhao from China wishes to be a photographer. She has found learning about flax weaving and other cultural traditions to be particularly interesting.

“More people should come and take this course,” Yan Ling says.

The English Language programmes available at NMIT Te Pūkenga offer an understanding and inclusive environment.

English Language tutor, Tracey Hughes says confidence in English language comes from practice and connection.

“We share, learn and grow together through interactive, everyday scenarios whilst being respectful of our varying cultures and backgrounds,” she says.

In Tracey’s class, people are encouraged to get up, talk to one another and move about a lot, rather than remaining seated, which stimulates engagement.

To learn more about English Language programmes available at NMIT, head to our website(external link).

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