Launch of new MyNMIT

Launch of new MyNMIT

We are excited to announce the launch of an entirely new way to join and apply using the NMIT website.

What's new?

Sign in using Office 365

If you are a current students you can now sign into the website using your NMIT student Office 365 account. No longer do you need to apply online to gain access to your information. 

For now this means simpler ways to manage your personal details like term address and emails, as well as re-enrolling. Soon we will be rolling out further enhancements like your personalised timetable and course results.

Learner dashboard

When you sign you will be taken to your tailored dashboard that presents your information along with targeted messaging and alerts. Will you see a profile percentage to advise if you are application ready. A verified stamp also informs if you have already been validated and do not need to provide any further proof of identity documents.

Notifications advise you if you have an application that need to be confirmed or if there is a payment due. 

4 click applications

If you are signed in and have an application ready profile, you can now apply in just 4 clicks using a new matrix to simply select your preferred location and start date combination.

We are also launching a new feature called Expression of interest that enables you to let us know you are keen to apply for a study option that does not yet have an intake available.

Fully responsive and mobile friendly

Don't forget that MyNMIT is also designed to be tablet and mobile friendly so you can access all your information on the device of your choice.

Hello Student Portal

We will be continuing to enhance MyNMIT so that it becomes the student portal. 

Keep a look out in the near future for;

  • Course results
  • Timetable and assessment dates

Lots more coming in 2019.

For now, MyNMIT is the best place for you to manage your personal details and applications!


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