Hairdressing competition takes students ‘around the world’ in under 45 minutes.

Hairdressing competition takes students ‘around the world’ in under 45 minutes.

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Thinking big, making an impact and letting their imaginations run wild is definitely encouraged at the NMIT hairdressing competition held in August.

The theme this year is ‘Around the World’ and models will be dressed head-to-toe representing the look.

Hairdressing tutor Paula Canning says for the cut and colour event, work is done beforehand then presented on a mannequin. The final look must incorporate current, forward thinking, hair fashion trends which show off the students’ technical ability.

The pressure really goes on during the hair up events.

All the preparation on the models, such as crimping or curling, must be completed prior to the event and then all styling aids are removed. Once the clock starts the students have to construct their designs using hairpieces, clips, bands and other accessories.

The model’s clothes and make-up must also enhance the overall final look.
“It’s a pretty tight—the year one students only get 30 minutes and year two get 45 minutes to complete their designs and that’s based on what’s required in industry,” Paula says.

Although the students get very nervous, Paula says they also get braver, as the competition pushes them outside their usual boundaries.
“They get a feeling of achievement and success—even if they don’t win, the preparation and the build-up all add to their experience.”

“As a tutor it’s pretty exciting seeing them grow and stretch outside the norm. What they come up with is really clever and it certainly shows off their unique style.”

Three representatives from local salons are invited to judge the competition.

The NMIT hairdressing competitions start at 10am on Tuesday 3 August, in G-Block Arts and Media Building atrium at the Nelson campus.


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