Important dates

Dates for our semesters, terms and graduation ceremonies.


Summer School

Term starts

Monday 27 November

Te Toki Pakohe Graduation

Saturday 9 December

Marlborough Graduation

Wednesday 13 December

Nelson Graduation

Friday 15 December

Christmas holiday

NMIT will be closed to celebrate Christmas and New Year from 19 December, reopening on 3 January.


NMIT programmes will run on one of two models;

On the term model, a full time student studies two courses each, eight week, term. There are five terms in the year, including one over summer.

With the semester model, a full time student studies four courses in each of the two Semesters, and on some programmes, students can take a couple of courses over summer.

Term model

This model is used for the Postgraduate and Master of Applied Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain, Postgraduate Diploma in International Business and Postgraduate Diploma in IT Security Management.

 Orientation for new students 26 February - 2 March 

 Term one

5 March - 27 April

 Scheduled break

30 April - 11 May

 Orientation for new students 7-11 May

 Term two

 14 May - 6 July

Scheduled break

 9 - 20 July

Orientation for new students   16 - 20 July

Term three 

23 July - 14 September 

 Scheduled break

17-28 September 

Orientation for new students  24-28 September 

Term four 

1 October - 23 November 

Scheduled break 

26-30 November 

Orientation for new students  26-30 November 

Term five 

3 December - 22 February 

Scheduled break (during term) 

7 December - 11 January 

Semester model

Common for most NMIT programmes.

 Orientation for new students 26 February - 2 March 

 Semester one

5 March - 6 July

 Scheduled break (mid semester)

16-27 April

 Scheduled break (mid year)

9-20 July 

 Orientation for new students 23-27 July 

 Semester two

23 July - 30 November 

 Scheduled break (mid semester)

1-12 October 

Summer School 

3 December - 1 February 

Scheduled break (mid semester) 

17 December - 11 January 

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