When the doors are open, opportunity walks in.

When the doors are open, opportunity walks in.

NMIT Nelson Campus boasts a professional g_space Gallery within the modern G Block building, where regular exhibitions help to benefit students and the community.
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One of the many amazing installations for Clay Week at g_space Gallery.

Klaasz Breukel, digital design tutor, thinks it’s wonderful NMIT are able to open their doors for events such as the recent Indeterminate Infrastructures (external link)digital art symposium and for the opening of Clay Week(external link).

“It’s great for our students to make contact and align themselves with organisations and business opportunities,” Klaasz said.

“Building networks as an artist is so important, and it's good practice to start building them during your studies”.

The symposium, a collaboration between the Aotearoa Digital Arts (ADA) network, Refinery Artspace and NMIT, was the first of its kind and a phenomenal display of talent. Six students of Klaasz’ colleague, Stephan Hanspach showcased their work alongside professionals at ADA and contributed to the symposium.

“The more NMIT can align themselves with organisations and events like this, the more exposure and opportunities we can give to our students,” said Klaasz.

Klaasz is also involved in Clay Week, where G Block and the g_space Gallery(external link) will be used throughout the event for a variety of workshops, exhibitions and the opening night.

His free workshop, an introduction on digital sculpting, will provide artists with a new way of creating shapes using digital clay. Attendees will use software normally used in CGI to create 3D models, characters and environments, and treat it to create clay-inspired objects.

Klaasz believes the workshop offers ceramic artists a fun new way to experiment with shapes and support their creative process, while also offering a taste of CGI to those interested in that area.

Upcoming events such as Nelson Jewellery Week and Te Ramaroa are just a few of the festivals that NMIT’s G Block will host in 2023. Klaasz believes they are extremely valuable to the community and to NMIT.

“It is great to see NMIT support these festivals and events,” he said, “but the real winners are the students who get a proper taste of the art world, establish connections and discover future possibilities.”

The Introduction on digital sculpting(external link) workshop will be held in the CGI suite at G Block on Thursday 6 October.

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