A celebration of personal and digital connectivity

A celebration of personal and digital connectivity

A contemporary, three-day event featuring vibrant imagery and experiences explores how the digital world has weaved its way through our material existence.
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Uncalculated (Rewa Wright & Simon Howden). An audio-reactive animation inspired by the shape of a Hīnaki ( Eel trap), modelled in Touch Designer

The Indeterminate Infrastructures – Objects, Signals & Architecture symposium, held in Whakatū Nelson from 23-25 September, presents an opportunity for delegates from digital artists to researchers and academics to meet in physical space.

From formal presentations to workshops, exhibitions and field excursions, the event is designed to open conversations between professionals in the digital arts space and members of the interested public.

It will feature an array of creative works, such as Connect, a participatory installation by Eva Vogt Kerer, which has been on display under the stairs at G Block.

Connect will invite those at the symposium to create a sculpture out of the 400 interlocking discs. It is designed to be a celebration of analogue human interactions, acting as a reminder that these are just as important as digital connectedness. Connect also explores the relationship of the surrounding architecture.

The organising committee of the symposium comprises representatives from Aotearoa Digital Arts (ADA) network, Refinery ArtSpace and Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT).

Vicki Smith, ADA Chair, and organiser of the Nelson event is flat-out putting the programme together and is really impressed with the synergy happening between the participants.

“It is coming together beautifully. Klassz Breukal (graphic designer and tutor at NMIT) is doing the design work on the lanyards for the event programme and has also pitched a project that features some stunning imagery.”

Vicki suggests there will be many networking opportunities for those attending the symposium.

“The synergy between the works proposed and between NMIT and the Refinery ArtSpace is extremely rewarding.”

This is the eleventh ADA symposium, and the schedule is lining up to be an interesting one with a visiting research team from Institute of IR4.0 in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia integrating their work with the NMIT team.

The event is in G Block and is a ticketed event. The projections on Friday night will be open to the public and catering is provided to the delegates by the NMIT hospitality team.

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