Learning never stops

Learning never stops

A recent sport and recreation graduate has taken his training to the next level so he can become a health and PE teacher.
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Chris Tau'alupe is an NMIT graduate.

For the past three years, Chris Tau'alupe has steadily worked through the fitness programmes available at NMIT. After completing the Level 5 Diploma in Sport Recreation and Exercise(external link) and moving into the Level 6 Diploma in Sport Recreation and Exercise(external link), he easily transferred into the AUT Bachelor of Sport and Recreation(external link) programme for a final year to complete a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation.

“Everyone’s favourite teacher at school was the PE teacher,” Chris says. “Mine at school always had time for us and always encouraged us to do better.”

Chris is an adult learner, moving to Nelson from Blenheim and enrolling at NMIT after a suggestion from his brother who was already on the fitness programme.

“My brother asked, ‘Why don’t you do something you’re passionate about?’ He took me to meet his tutors and from there it just grew to where I am today,” Chris says. “I can’t speak highly enough about the tutors and the programmes, it was amazing,”

Chris’ main motivation, however, is his kids, ages 6 and 8. He believes that normalising study will empower them as they realise their dad is studying to be able to set them up.

“They can see me achieve, and they will know they can stand on their own two feet too,” he says. “We have this saying – the seeds that are sown today are the fruits we get later in life.”

Chris has realised learning never stops. Although he has experience in life, he continues to learn and has discovered that teaching people as individuals is a far more effective way of sharing knowledge.

“In my second year I had my tonsils removed, which resulted in about three weeks off. The head of the department sat down with me, saw me as an individual and a dad with responsibilities, and restructured things to suit me,” Chris says.

“Without that, I wouldn’t have finished. I can’t speak more highly of them all.”

Enrolments are open now for a February 2024 start. For more information on our fitness programmes, visit our website(external link).

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