Painting Workshops
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Painting Workshops

ACE106 Painting Workshops

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    22 August 2020
    Saturday 9.30am-4pm (classes held fortnightly). Room G301
    24 October 2020
    Saturday 9.30am-4pm (classes held fortnightly). Room G301
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    Tuition: $75.00
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Practise painting approaches to describe a range of different subjects.

You’ll learn

  • To use various expressive and observational painting approaches to render a range of subjects and/or ideas.
  • To use oil or acrylic paint to describe the texture/materiality of a range of subjects.
  • Identify basic compositional elements.
  • Identify strengths in your own work.
  • Identify and find solutions to unresolved areas in own work.

This course consists of 4 full day workshops held on alternate Saturdays during the school term and caters for all skill levels.

Please see 'frequently asked questions' for a list of what to bring.

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