Boosting student opportunities in the tech industry

Boosting student opportunities in the tech industry

It might have been nerve-wracking, but ākonga successfully presented their final IT projects to the IT Advisory Committee recently.
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Mark Smith stands with tutor, Ali Kahwaji.

Four graduates recently presented their final projects to the IT Advisory Committee, a great opportunity for them to connect with industry leaders and discover job opportunities. 

Celeste Quinn felt her final project was a little easier than previous presentations done in front of her peers.

“That’s because I’m now at the point where I know enough about what I’m doing so I can talk properly about it,” she says.

Mark Smith is completing a graduate diploma(external link) and has found his time at NMIT Te Pūkenga to be engaging.

“NMIT gave me the IT skills level-up I needed,” he says. “The access to so many powerful learning tools and so many experienced IT educators enabled and encouraged me to explore my areas of interest.”

Mark is currently looking for work and is confident he will find something that both thrills and motivates him.

Kenny Williams-Stockdale has already secured employment after his work placement through the Bachelor of Information Technology(external link) programme. He worked together with John Dao on their final project that features data from his new employer.

“John did the back-end stuff, and I transformed it and made it look fancy on the front-end,” Kenny said.

“After spending three years with John, we finally got to work together and had an absolute blast.”

Throughout his time at NMIT, Kenny found real value in the Nelson IT Student’s Association (NISA). He is currently the team lead for NISA and looks to continue supporting learners after graduating.

“The tech industry doesn’t have a massive community gathering that focuses on helping students transition into the industry, that’s where NISA has come in,” he says.

“There have been some pilot studies to apply this student engagement programme on a national scale, which is really exciting.”

For more information about our Computing and IT programmes, visit our website(external link)

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