Weed Management (Principles and Best Practice)
Level 4

Weed Management (Principles and Best Practice)

CFS427 Weed Management (Principles and Best Practice)

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    20 May 2019
    Workshop 28-30 May, Nelson

    Off campus:

    3 June 2019
    Workshop 11-13 June, Thames
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    Tuition: $167.00
    Student levy: $10.00


    Tuition: $170.00
    Student levy: $10.00
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This course will provide an overview of the impact of weeds and weed management practices.

Learn about the concepts of strategic planning and surveillance as it applies to managing weeds in a conservation setting. A range of monitoring methods will be taught.

This programme includes classroom and field activities.  

You will cover:

  • Weed control context
  • Weed process and best practice
  • Resources
  • Surveillance
  • Weed plan overview
  • Herbicide trials
  • Weed control methods
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Weeds GIS system.

There is pre-course work that is important to help you get the most out of the workshop, see workshop and dates below.

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