Introduction to New Zealand Conservation
Level 4

Introduction to New Zealand Conservation

CFS422 Introduction to New Zealand Conservation

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    1 May 2021
    Online Only: 1-31 May
    1 August 2021
    Online Only: 1-31 August
    1 November 2021
    Online Only: 1-30 November
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    Tuition: Free
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Free programme. Online programme.

This course will introduce various terms and concepts of biodiversity.

You will learn about why New Zealand’s unique biodiversity needs protecting, what management practices are used and the principles behind them. 

This short course covers:

  • Terms and concepts relating to biodiversity
  • New Zealand's evolutionary history including geographic, climatic and flora and fauna
  • How New Zealand conservation is managed.

By the end of the course you will know about key diversity principles, ecological processes and management processes.

The course is for anyone who works or volunteers in conservation or would like to work in conservation.

This course is completed online. The estimated hours it will take you to complete it, is 50 hours and it is expected you would complete this within a month.

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