Start Excel-ing
Level 3

Start Excel-ing

ACE304 Start Excel-ing

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    16 May 2020
    Saturdays 9am-1.30pm for 4 weeks. No class 30th May. Room G101 (G Block)
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    Tuition: $75.00
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Develop spreadsheet skills using Excel to an intermediate level.

This course is available at our Marlborough and Nelson campuses.

You'll learn

  • How to produce computer spreadsheets that include inputting text and numbers, and formulae.
  • How to use a standard spreadsheet application that includes the formatting of a spreadsheet, the use of 'with absolute' and relative referencing.
  • How to link spreadsheet cells to Word Documents and other spreadsheet worksheets.
  • How to create and use templates.
  • To record, edit and run a macro.
  • To use various statistical, logical, financial functions.
  • How to filter and sort data in a spreadsheet.
  • To create and edit pivot tables.
  • How to analyse spreadsheet data and create a pivot report and graph.
  • How to series fill with Autofill and Flashfill.
  • How to use Trace Precedents and Trace Dependents.

Note: There is a maximum of 12 places available on this course

Please contact us if you have any questions.(external link)

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