Pogo Paterson-Mcauley
fitness tutor

Pogo Paterson-Mcauley

Pogo Paterson-Mcauley
A professional athlete who has always been involved in sport and exercise in some way or another, Pogo Paterson Mcauley brings enthusiasm and experience to NMIT as a fitness tutor.

Pogo has been a PE teacher, sports coach, personal trainer, and professional athlete. Beyond her enthusiasm, she has an in-depth understanding of fitness that connects with a wide range of students.

With an Honour’s degree in Physical Education, a Post Graduate Diploma in sport psychology and over 25 years teaching experience, students benefit from Pogo’s knowledge, confidence and understanding, as she supports them in the various aspects of sport recreation and fitness.

Pogo implements a multidimensional learning experience for her students, knowing that everyone learns differently.

“Theoretical teaching that is always backed up with practical learning out of the classroom,” she says.

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