Paul van Klink

Paul van Klink

Paul van Klink
Paul has a wealth of bird conservation knowledge he can’t wait to share.

Most of his working career has been spent on the West Coast, but Paul now resides in Wanaka. He has a degree in Conservation and Ecology and has worked for and contracted to the Department of Conservation for over two decades.

During this time, Paul has trained a protected species dog, ‘Hoki’ as part of the Conservation Dogs Programme.

“I try to engage learners to help me in facilitating the course as much as possible,” Paul says. “I have some good practical examples of bird monitoring which I impart with learners.”

Although relatively new to facilitating courses for NMIT, Paul is enjoying meeting new people, imparting practical bird knowledge and facing challenges that come with the role of being a tutor.

When he is not working, Paul enjoys restoring and tinkering on classic Japanese motorcycles.

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