Neil Benson

Neil Benson

Neil Benson
Neil Benson hails from the bayous of Louisiana where he majored in networking infrastructure at ITT.

He has worked within the IT industry for over ten years, specialising in network infrastructure and computer diagnostics. Prior to joining NMIT, Neil developed a company which provides home and small business computer services in Nelson.

Neil specialises in the deployment of networking infrastructure. His interests are in the deployment, optimisation and maintenance of servers along with other aspects such as network security and the protocols and standards required of such networks.

Neil’s family spent time living in Nelson while he was growing up and he attended Nelson College. Although he returned to the United States to complete his college education, Neil had fallen in love with New Zealand and moved back within days of graduating.

Neil has always had a passion for IT and immersed himself in it from an early age. Years later he found a new passion - supporting others with their progression within technology.

“There is nothing more rewarding than watching the advancement of students and later seeing them working in the industry that they are so passionate about,” he says.

Neil is currently studying towards a Master of Networking and System Administration, which is a cutting-edge course of study in the design, implementation and management of computer networks.

Associate of Science Degree (Honours)

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