Michael Darby
Tutor for several Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Michael Darby

Michael Darby
Real life lessons are a key factor in Michael Darby’s classes, where he teaches students how to think critically and creatively to see all sides of a situation.

Michael Darby tutors several Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in the School of Applied Business.

With a background in marketing and product management, particularly in the wine industry, Darby has a strong skill set that is relevant to many of our student’s interests and career goals.

Coming to us from Christchurch, Darby started out his career in Sydney, Australia in product management and marketing.

He has always taken an interest in how businesses can be creative and effective under conditions of high complexity.

For the past 12 years, Darby has been the managing director of 3rd Man Wines Limited, a company which caters to wine production, as well as marketing and e-commerce for the wine and spirits industry.

If you’re eager to pick the brain of someone who has walked the walk of business management, you’ve hit the jackpot. To complement this, Darby has a host of experience as an educator. He can pass on his knowledge in a relatable way that adapts to your learning style.

“I enjoy teaching because it is a chance to make a difference. It's great to see people developing and achieving their goals,” he says.

Not only has Michael been the director of the Wine Education Company, which offers programs internationally in wine education, but he has also been a lecturer at Christchurch College of Education, at University of Canterbury and a Corporate and Professional Trainer with UC Opportunity and Organisational Development Institute.

In Michael’s classes, you will be encouraged to discuss and critique real life scenarios, setting you up for scenarios you could face outside the classroom.

Research includes millennial involvement with the wine industry and understanding creative organisations.

“I like every class to be unique, and a response to the group we have in the room. I like to have a lot of case studies and have the chance to learn from real life.”

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