Class Market Day has something for all.

Class Market Day has something for all.

As the flowers bloom, Christmas looms, and with it comes your chance to pick up some unique creations from our future artists at this year’s Class Market Day.
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This eco art bowl and desk organiser are examples of the artwork for sale.

The Arts and Media(external link) Level 5 Communication class are holding a market to promote and sell a product they have been designing and producing as part of an assessment.

Renee Hadlow, class tutor, says it is a great real-world project for ākonga (students) to learn from.

“Students need to work in teams, each bringing a concept to the table before going through the process of choosing a design,” she said.

“They need to explain the reasons behind their decision and then develop the product together. It’s a real-world experience where they use their different strengths to bring an idea to fruition.”

The market project has been developed further this year to accommodate another course, giving ākonga more time to work on their product and make use of a different tutor’s expertise.

“We have actually collaborated with the Object Design course tutor, Stefan Hanspach, this year so that ākonga can receive feedback on the design elements and fabrication of their product,” said Renee.

The resulting effort has meant ākonga have had more time to explore the quality of their products.

Creations for sale include eco art bowls made from recycled paper and cardboard and a desk organiser. Prices will fall roughly between $20 to $80.

“There will be something for everyone. We will have five stalls selling five main products; however, ākonga will take the opportunity to showcase some of their work outside of the assessment as well,” Renee said.

Renee found the market last year to be a great success. Initially, she planned to have stalls at the Nelson Market, but lockdown forced her to change tack.

“There is a lot of diversity at NMIT with kaimahi (staff), ākonga and nearby businesses really showing their support. Holding the market here is perfect,” she said.

“The main emphasis is on providing an experience”

The market will be held outside the Student Centre on Friday 4 November from 12-2pm.

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