BAM2022: a showcase of Bachelor of Arts and Media student work

BAM2022: a showcase of Bachelor of Arts and Media student work

Negative emotions and positive outcomes; the passage of time; the influence of colonisation; travel and identity are all themes explored in the works displayed in BAM2022— the end of year graduate exhibition by NMIT Bachelor of Arts and Media students.
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BAM coordinator Sarah Arnold says the BAM show is an important exhibition for the students as it’s the culmination of three years of study.
“The BAM exhibition brings together everything they have learned, and it is their opportunity to shine and to show off their works.”

Other works in the exhibition include a series of postcards which give a unique perspective of a destination, along with some graphic styled stories showing events from everyday life.

There is also a collection of eight-four black and white photographs displaying the lifecycle of plants.

One exhibit uses repurposed gauze curtains to reflect a ‘protective shield behind our inner home life and the outer world’ in an autobiographical requiem to home.

BAM is curated in coordination with The Suter Art Gallery Director, Julie Catchpole, who each year helps design a layout for the exhibition which creates a good experience for visitors and provides a learning experience for the students.

The BAM2022 awards announced at the exhibition opening include Impressions Distinction Award, Framing Room Distinction Award, Nelson Suter Art Society award and the Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith Excellence Award.

Event: BAM2022
Venue: G-Space Gallery and 2 Floor G-Block, Nile Street
When: Saturday 26 November to Sunday 4 December 9am to 4 pm daily

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