Student Surveys

We actively seek formal feedback from our students on their learning experience.

We take continuous improvement and maintaining quality very seriously. We monitor this through a series of timed surveys to hear what learners have to say from when they arrive to after they've graduated.

Completing these surveys is highly encouraged and if you will be informed of when they are open for submission by your tutor or email.

Our surveys

First impressions

Measures satisfaction of new students and covers the steps experienced during enrolment, induction, orientation and the teaching so far including any support services. 

Course evaluation

Used to collect feedback on how learners are experiencing their tuition, specifically covering the delivery method, resources and support. 

Learner experience

Measures learner satisfaction when they are nearing the end of a programme.

Tutor evaluation

A learners opportunity to provide direct feedback on their study experience. 

Graduate destination

We like to hear from our learners after they leave us. This survey helps us to understand how they have gone on to be successful in employment as well as hear any further feedback relating to their study at NMIT.


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