What makes an affordable tipple ‘award winning’?

What makes an affordable tipple ‘award winning’?

Theresa Woessner, Bachelor of Viticulture and Winemaking, has been waiting for the opportunity to apply to be an associate judge at the New World Wine Awards.
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Theresa Woessner is ecstatic to be a New World Wine Awards associate judge this year.

Theresa heard about the event when a friend was awarded the opportunity(external link) last year. She didn’t qualify then as she was not in her final year of a Bachelor of Viticulture and Winemaking(external link), but kept it in mind to make sure she was in the running for 2023.

“When I was up in Blenheim, I asked my tutors about it,” she says. “Then a week later the application came out and I applied for it right away.”

Theresa is studying at NMIT Te Pūkenga remotely as she lives in Cromwell. She is originally from the United States and has been living in New Zealand for the past eight years.

“I chose to study at NMIT because of the flexible options that enable me to study and work,” she says. “I am really lucky to have such passionate and supportive tutors here.”

Theresa believes the New World Wine Awards will be a unique opportunity for her to gain a good understanding of how the judges think.

“Judging can be hard to get into,” she says, “so this will be a really unique opportunity to gain perspective on how the judges think and what to consider when producing affordable tipples aimed at everyday consumers.”

She has been lucky enough to work in Central Otago for the past few years which focuses on premium pinot noir, so she is excited to see what the rest of New Zealand and the world of wine have to offer at varying price points through the New World Wine competition.

“I’m looking at my future, where I want to make my own wine and compete in awards like these.”

Theresa is ‘super excited’ about being an associate judge and is mostly looking forward to challenging her palate to see how much tasting she can do before becoming fatigued.

“I have done a few tasting experiences in the past, but the sheer variety of wines here is something else.”

The New World Wine Awards(external link) focus on wines that retail for $25 or less. Judging will take place at the Marlborough Events Centre from 1 –3 August 2023.

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