Tourism studies lead to career in the industry

Tourism studies lead to career in the industry

Lisa now works at the Nelson i-SITE and shares her experiences studying Tourism at NMIT.

Why did you decide to enrol in Tourism and Travel at NMIT?

I have always wanted to be a travel agent, so for me, it was a step towards gaining the skills and knowledge needed in the travel and tourism industry. I believe that New Zealand, and Nelson in particular, is one of the best places to study tourism because of its stunning natural landscapes, friendly people and fantastic culture.

What did you value about your time studying Tourism and Travel?

I loved the programme, Katrina is a fantastic teacher, and she inspired me all along the path and other students were very friendly.
I have a son, and this programme worked perfectly for my family and me while my son was at school.
It is a full programme of field trips and industry visits, hearing from guest speakers and there were opportunities for a range of work experiences. Visiting the industries and the field trips were my favourite. The best way to learn more about tourism places around Nelson and further was "getting out and seeing" and "having an experience" with our own eyes.
This programme also made me a better person. I learned to be an excellent communicator, and I gained confidence from having to speak in front of an audience, including internationals. 

How did you gain your current job?

I volunteered for a few months at the Nelson i-Site and Katrina recommended me to the manager for a job there.

What is your current role?

I am a Nelson i-SITE Travel Consultant.
I am the first point of contact for visitors and locals residents to provide them with information regarding visitors attractions, accommodation, transport, and general information. I provide reservations and ticketing services too. 

How did your studies help you in your current role?

NMIT Tourism and Travel taught me the importance of customer service which is the most important thing in this industry. The role plays we did as part of our training, helped me because I speak to customers every day and share what Nelson has to offer.
The hours I work fit very well with my family commitments , and there are many opportunities for me to develop my career in travel. 

Do you have a future career plans?

I would love to do the Diploma in Tourism and Travel Level 5 while working at i-SITE to further develop my skills in leadership and the travel industry. Who knows where I will go with my family, maybe we will live for a time in France or Australia. Whatever I do I want to keep learning and take every opportunity to advance a career in the tourism and travel industry.
I would like to thank NMIT for giving me this opportunity. It has been a pleasure, and I will always remember my time there.

Take all the advice offered to you by the tutors. Katrina will always be happy to help you.

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