Music for mental health

Music for mental health

Former NMIT student Aaron "AI" Intemann learned the fundamentals for creating original digital music during 2009 while living here on campus in Nelson.

"It was great to always be immersed in the student culture, whether it was in class, or knocking around the student living areas."

He enjoyed the creative writing classes just as much as the audio design and is quick to tell you they compliment each other well. "Creative writing was awesome, there was no limitations on how you could approach each task. Having an interest in lyric writing made creative writing a priority and it was cool to see how a diverse range of people expressed themselves".

As a student of performing arts, Aaron also enjoyed the video design areas of his learning with us saying "just have fun and you will learn, even if what your doing seems difficult at the time".

This can-do attitude recently paid off when AI released a new music video as part of the Shining Light on the Dark Mental Health awareness campaign(external link) orchestrated on New Zealand's West Coast. "Our primary focus was to raise awareness for suicide and it's great to see our efforts receiving such a positive response." The video has since been shared by New Zealand hip-hop titan, King Kapisi, who called it "A strong song, with a strong kaupapa".

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