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To learn more about the students and the graduates that appear in this video - you can read their stories and watch the videos about their experiences.

  • The first shots are from our adventure tourism students. You can watch them describe their classroom.
  • The overhead shot of the Nelson campus is from the Nelson campus video, showing what it is like to be a student on the Nelson campus.
  • Penny did an internship with Paperminx, while she was studying Arts and Design at NMIT. Find out more about her story.
  • Connor studies Aeronautical Engineering. In his video, it is the first time they have started the engine the students rebuilt on the helicopter. Or you can read more about his NMIT experiences.
  • Zealand thoroughly enjoyed her Trainee Ranger Conservation programme and is now working in conservation. You can watch her video when the class was learning how to put out fires in remote locations.
  • Liam changed careers and studied Aquaculture. He is now working for Plant and Food. You can read and watch his story.
  • Nicole studied fitness and now works for No Child Left inside. You can read and watch her story.
  • Skye studied Beauty Therapy in Marlborough and now works as a beauty adviser in the town. You can read and watch her story.
  • Alexis came back to study to follow his interest in Civil Engineering. You can watch his experiences of studying Civil Engineering with NMIT.  He is already working part time in the industry while finishing his studies.
  • For Leila, studying at NMIT changed her life. You can watch her story as she explains why.

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