Online study for overseas students

Online study for overseas students

NMIT is the first Institute of Technology and Polytechnic (ITP) given NZQA approval to offer online programmes to new international students studying overseas!

Special permission has been given to NMIT by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) for the following programmes to be offered online to students outside New Zealand.

This means you can study from your home country towards an NZQA accredited qualification. You may either start your qualification online and then finish in New Zealand (subject to Immigration New Zealand clearance), or complete your qualification wholly online from outside New Zealand.

Programmes commencing online (subject to numbers)

Part-time (30 credits)

Full-time (60 credits) 

*Contact our team about which majors are available online. All students should apply for and enrol for the online offshore Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management (PGCertAM) in the first instance, then upgrade to the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management (PGDipAM) and/or Master of Applied Management (MAM) at a later date either online or in-person.  Admission to the PGCertAM is the same as entry to the PGDipAM or MAM, therefore you can be assured of your study pathway without further admissions assessment.

When can I start?

Please refer to the links above to see the scheduled intakes for online offshore study.

Please note intakes are subject to minimum numbers. You will be notified two weeks prior to the start date if the programme start will be delayed due to low numbers.

What will it cost?

The tuition charged will be for the first qualification you enrol in from the list of qualifications provided above.

You may staircase your qualifications to reduce the initial financial investment. For example, if you are planning to complete an NMIT Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits) or Master of Applied Management (180 credits), you may choose to first enrol in the Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits), and pay the tuition fee only for this programme. Once completed, you can then choose to pay for and finish the final 60 credits for the Postgraduate Diploma or 120 credits for the Master of Applied Management, either online or in-person.

If you complete 30 credits of the Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management and then decide to transfer to the Postgraduate Diploma or Master of Applied Management, it is possible to transfer the remaining 50% of your Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management tuition fee to your new qualification.

If you are successful in passing your first 30 or 60 credits online, you may be eligible for a scholarship towards your further study. See “Scholarships” below.

Why are some qualifications only being offered part-time? 

These intakes are designed as a pathway to full-time study, in-person here in New Zealand when our borders re-open. In addition, we recognise that full-time study may be more challenging to complete online than in-person, we therefore recommend this lighter workload to be assured of success (half of a normal full-time study workload).

Once you have completed 30 credits online, you will have 90 credits that can be completed fulltime over more than 30 weeks in New Zealand (subject to Immigration New Zealand clearance).

Please see Immigration New Zealand(external link) for details about student and post-study work visas. Please be clear that NMIT do not have any role in this process and cannot make any guarantee around your immigration status. 

Other terms and conditions

Withdrawal Policy: Once the programme is determined to commence on the Monday two weeks preceding the start date, fees paid will no longer be refundable.

Ongoing study: If you are unable to come to New Zealand for any reason (e.g. due to the border remaining closed or being unable to secure a New Zealand student visa), then you will have the option to continue your studies online. Please see Immigration New Zealand(external link) for details about student and post-study work visas. Please be clear that NMIT does not have any role in this process and cannot make any guarantee's around your immigration status.

Entry requirements: The same academic and English language entry requirements that apply to study in New Zealand also apply to online offshore study.

Next steps

If you have already submitted an application to NMIT, please contact to have the application changed to an online intake. If you have a new application or have further questions email


If you commence online offshore studies in 2020 or 2021 and successfully pass all your courses (30 or 60 credits), you will be automatically awarded a scholarship toward your tuition fees for further studies with NMIT.

Scholarships available:

  • $3,000 for progressing to the Master of Applied Management
  • $2,000 for progressing to a Postgraduate Diploma or Graduate Diploma

Please note that this scholarship may not be combined with any other NMIT scholarships or discounts.

NZCEL Scholarships for progression from English study to academic study with NMIT are also available for online offshore study of NZCEL.

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